Kirk Miller - Perfect Your Body

Perfect Your Body

with Kirk Miller

Men's Health Cover Model winner Kirk shows you how to bring out your weaker body parts to create a perfectly balanced physique.

Sergi Constance - Total Body Aesthetics

Total Body Aesthetics

with Sergi Constance

A top-to-toe series in which Sergi guides you through his training secrets to achieve the ultimate aesthetic physique.

Emma Louise Burrows - Bikini Body Bible

Bikini Body Bible

with Emma Louise Burrows

Miss Bikini champion Emma reveals her exercise, nutrition and lifestyle secrets to help you achieve your bikini body.

Ryan Terry - Cover Model Conditioning

Cover Model Conditioning

with Ryan Terry

IFBB Men's Physique European Champion Ryan reveals training and diet secrets behind getting into cover model shape.

James Alexander-Ellis - Train Through the Pain

Train Through the Pain

with James Alexander-Ellis

UK Muscle Model champion James with a series of plateau-busting techniques designed to help you advance your training.

Jamie Alderton - Leg Training Series

Leg Training Series

with Jamie Alderton

An advanced leg training plan designed to build up your legs over 12 weeks, with WBFF European Champion Jamie.

Ryan John-Baptiste - Get Ripped with Ryan

Get Ripped with Ryan

with Ryan John-Baptiste

How to get a ripped physique without losing muscle, by focussing on cardio, training and nutrition.

PT of the Week

James Alexander-Ellis - Get Ripped with Ryan

James Alexander-Ellis

WBFF Pro. UK Muscle Model Champion. Personal trainer and strength coach.

As a PT, James has trained sports professionals and Olympic athletes, often using the advanced training techniques he reveals in his 'Train Through the Pain' series.

View James's profile and trianing plan