Frequently asked questions

What is MyVideoPT?

MyVideoPT's mission is to help gym enthusiasts achieve their goals by sharing the training, nutrition and lifestyle secrets of the fitness industry's most inspiring athletes.

Under the slogan "Train with Champions", the website offers a range of goals-orientated training plans. Each plan consists of high quality videos, presented by the athletes themselves. All of our athletes are top fitness professionals and personal trainers who also happen to be champions in their field.

So what am I buying?

You are buying access to an exclusive a 12 week plan which you can follow, using the updates provided throughout the 12 weeks. Each stage of the plan is presented in the form of a video, usually about 10 minutes long, where your PT explains that stage of your plan with demonstrations and explanations as appropriate. You can follow their instruction from start to finish. Roughly every two weeks, you receive a new video to explain the next part of your plan, so it's generally six videos over 12 weeks.

How do I get my training plan?

Once you've paid for your plan, you can log in to your account straight away and see the first episode. We'll also email you confirmation that your plan is ready to start.

After that, usually every two weeks depending on the plan, you'll receive an e-mail saying that the next episode updating your plan is now available. You just go to your account, and download the video update.

At any time when you're logged in to you your account, you will see the plans you're working through, you can download the episodes that are available and you can see when future episodes are available.

Will videos play on different devices?

Yes. Videos are provided in .mp4 format which will play on almost any modern device. Plus, we provide different size versions of each episode - high definition (720p) for computers and TVs; standard definition for iPads and other tablets, a low resolution version which is suitable for mobiles.

I have a dodgy internet connection. What if my download fails or I lose the file?

During the 12 weeks of your plan, you can always re-download an episode that's available from your account page. If you have technical difficulties completing the download, please contact us at

What support will I get to help me complete the plan?

In each episode, the PT explains and demonstrates all the details of the plan that you need until the next episode. Where relevant, you also receive a set of PDF files with written versions of the plan, which can be downloaded at the same time as the new episode. There's also a Facebook page, which we encourage you to join, to share your experiences with others.

How do I know if a particular plan is right for me?

In general, our plans are aimed at people who have some familiarity with training, who what to advance to the next level or achieve a particular goal. Each plan page on the website shows a detailed description of the plan, including an episode breakdown, to help you select the right plan to match your goals. There's also an easy indicator to show whether the plan is for beginner, intermediate or advanced gym users.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your plan using major credit and debit cards or PayPal. We use PayPal to process the payments, as this is a secure and trusted service. Your transaction with PayPal will be to Fit Media Productions Ltd - that's the formal name of the company set up to promote MyVideoPT.

Why do I have to register on the site and what do you do with my information?

We ask you to register so that it's possible to keep track of your plans. We use your e-mail address to identify you when you log in and we also send you a reminder each time your next episode is available. At registration, you're given options for how we keep in touch with you in the future, and you're free to opt out as you wish at any point by updating your details on your account page. For more details about how we protect your information, please read our full privacy and cookie policy.

What am I getting that I can't get for free on the internet?

There's plenty of free advice out there, of varying quality. MyVideoPT offers specific, goals-orientated training plans from a trusted source. Our plans are devised by the best in the business - people who are not only champions, they're also highly qualified professionals. You can select a plan which matches your own goals, and follow it over a 12 week period, with updates throughout. You're buying access to exclusive information, insight and experience from our PTs. We're not associated with any supplement company, so none of our plans try to sell you a product.

I was about to buy a plan, but was asked to accept a disclaimer. What's that all about?

This is standard practice before you embark on any training plan, or even when you join any reputable gym. It's a way of drawing attention to the fact that when you begin a training plan or make changes to your diet, you are still responsible for ensuring your own well-being. Although our plans are put together to the highest professional standards, they may not be suitable for everyone. For this reason, we encourage you to make an informed judgement on whether a plan is right for you, and how you proceed with the plan. We offer as much information as possible to help you select a suitable plan, but we cannot advise on which one is best for you.

Can I share the plan with friends and family?

No, you are buying the plan and the video for your own personal use. Both the plan and the video remain the copyright of MyVideoPT and cannot be shared with others in any form. To avoid legal action, please don't post the videos online or share the content with other people.

I can't see a product that matches my personal goals. What should I do?

MyVideoPT was launched in March 2013 with our first four plans. We will be adding plans regularly - usually about one a month - to create a range of plans to match different goals. If you can't see a plan that's right for you, check back again from time to time, and join the Facebook page for regular updates on new products. Plus, if there's a topic that you would like to see our PTs cover, please let us know -

Who's behind MyVideoPT?

MyVideoPT is a collaboration between a select group of elite fitness professionals and two top video directors working in the fitness industry. The plans are devised by the athletes who present and demonstrate them, to the highest industry standards. The videos are produced by Fit Media Productions, which is the holding company for MyVideoPT.