Leg Training Series with Jamie Alderton

An advanced leg training plan designed to build up your legs over 12 weeks.

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You can get started straight away with my 12 week Leg Training Series plan.

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$29.99 for the 12 week plan.

What's included

Like a lot of people, I used to concentrate my training on upper body and neglect my lower half. But when I did my first bodybuilding show, it was obvious my legs were letting me down.

So I developed a tough but scientific leg training programme designed to build up my legs for the WBFF European championships. Now I am sharing the actual plan that brought my legs up to competition standard.

You can now follow this exclusive plan step by step, with a new update every two weeks over the 12 week programme. In each episode, I lay out a specific set of exercises to follow, which build up into a challenging but effective muscle-building programme.

The following videos are included with this plan:

Leg Training Basics

Week 1

Leg Training Basics

Getting the fundamentals of your leg training exactly right.

Duration: 15.26

Time To Split

Week 3

Time To Split

Separating quad training from hamstrings and calves in a two day split.

Duration: 13.35

Time to Grow

Week 5

Time to Grow

Adding intensity with focus on volume.

Duration: 14.30

Sorting the Men from the Boys

Week 7

Sorting the Men from the Boys

Supersets combining high volume and high reps.

Duration: 13.16

Sorting the Men from the Boys 2

Week 9

Sorting the Men from the Boys 2

Brutal pre-exhaust & super-sets over a two day split.

Duration: 23.31

Back to Basics

Week 11

Back to Basics

Incorporating everything you've learned from the series.

Duration: 10.52

You can download the first episode immediately after you start the plan. All other videos are released at the relevant point from your start date. Each video is provided in high defintion, standard definition and a smaller mobile-friendly format so that you can watch while you're out or at the gym.

You will receive an email every time your next video is available. Then, you simply log in to the site and download the video in your prefered format. Videos are yours to download and keep.

You also get the following support material:

  • Week 1 - Leg Training Basics - Training Routine

Just like with each video epsiode, each document is released at the relevant point from your start date, and you'll receve an email each time a new document is available. Documents are yours to download and keep.


This plan is designed for intermediate to advanced gym goers. If you're looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level, this plan will be able to help you achieve your goals.

$29.99 for the 12 week plan.