Train Through the Pain with James Alexander-Ellis

A series of plateau-busting techniques designed to help you advance your training.

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What's included

Ever feel you've reached your limits with your training programme?

In this series, I share my personal training secrets with a series of gym techniques designed to break through your normal training barriers and give you enhanced results.

In each of the six episodes, I explain and demonstrate a different training protocol to take you beyond the pain barrier, and help you break through the limits of your normal training.

It's always good to refresh your programme and shock the body - now you will have the tools to do so. These are the actual techniques I used to increase size when I entered the WBFF, and gained a Top Ten placing on the world stage.

The following videos are included with this plan:

Episode 1

Week 1

Episode 1

Demonstrating the first set of techniques to take you beyond normal limits

Duration: 10:48

Episode 2

Week 3

Episode 2

A new set of protocols designed to break through normal training plateaus.

Duration: 12.16

Episode 3

Week 5

Episode 3

A new training technique to help you go beyond muscular failure.

Duration: 12.13

Episode 4

Week 7

Episode 4

Explaining and demonstrating a more advanced technique.

Duration: 10.28

Episode 5

Week 9

Episode 5

A special combined technique to help further gains.

Duration: 11.18

Episode 6

Week 11

Episode 6

The most advanced technique yet to help you train through the pain.

Duration: 11.08

You can download the first episode immediately after you start the plan. All other videos are released at the relevant point from your start date. Each video is provided in high defintion, standard definition and a smaller mobile-friendly format so that you can watch while you're out or at the gym.

You will receive an email every time your next video is available. Then, you simply log in to the site and download the video in your prefered format. Videos are yours to download and keep.


This plan is designed for intermediate to advanced gym goers. If you're looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level, this plan will be able to help you achieve your goals.

$29.99 for the 12 week plan.