Emma Louise Burrows - PT profile and plan

Miss Bikini champion, qualified PT, fitness model and sponsored athlete.

Emma Louise Burrows

Emma is a fitness fanatic - a qualified personal trainer, champion Miss Bikini competitor, presenter, fitness model and sponsored athlete. As a child, Emma competed as a gymnast and went on to coach in the sport. This early interest in maintaining the optimum body form has led to her current success in the world of fitness.

After being crowned Supreme Champion at the 2012 Miss Galaxy competition, Emma now uses her experience to coach future champions and help her personal training clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Emma says, "My speciality is in the field of body sculpting; planning nutritional, exercise and lifestyle regimes which lead my clients directly to the body they desire."

In Emma's Bikini Body Bible series, you get to see the tips and techniques that Emma uses herself - from mental and lifestyle preparation, to high intensity workouts designed to ensure you are training in a way that will help you achieve your goals.

Emma's plan

Bikini Body Bible

with Emma Louise Burrows

Miss Bikini champion Emma reveals her exercise, nutrition and lifestyle secrets to help you achieve your bikini body.

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