Jamie Alderton - PT profile and plan

WBFF European Champion. MuscleMania UK Champion. PT and Sponsored Athlete.

Jamie Alderton

WBFF European Champion, personal trainer and sponsored athlete, Jamie is one of UK's most dedicated fitness professionals. After seven years in the British military, he used the discipline and focus he learned in the army to develop his physique to international competition standard.

He also runs his own Personal Training business, with clients all over the world. Jamie originally competed as a natural bodybuilder, but made the change to 'Muscle Model' for his entry into the WBFF. "Muscle Model is a fairly new category," he says, "I enjoy the fact that you don't have to do so many fixed poses, but you can still show off your physique to its best advantage."

He is a familiar face in advertising and editorial in leading fitness magazines.

In preparation for the European Championships, Jamie developed an intense lower half workout programme to build up his legs. "I believe it was my legs which made the difference on the day," he explains.

Jamie is now making his competition-winning legs programme available as an exclusive plan for MyVideoPT.

Jamie's plan

Leg Training Series

with Jamie Alderton

An advanced leg training plan designed to build up your legs over 12 weeks, with WBFF European Champion Jamie.

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