Ryan Terry - PT profile and plan

IFBB European Men's Physique Champion 2014, UKBFF National Champion. Former Mister International. Sponsored athlete and 2x Muscle & Fitness cover model.

Ryan Terry

One of the world's most high-profile physique athletes, Ryan is IFBB European Men's Physique Champion, Top Five at the Olympia Men's Physique Championships, UKBFF National Physique champion, and a former Mister International, as well as being the face and body featured on advertising and posters for one of the world's leading supplement brands. He regularly appears on magazine covers in the UK and around the world.

As ambassador for a major supplement company, his regular personal appearances allow him to offer one-to-one advice to fitness fans.

In September, 2015, he placed 4th in the Mr Olympia Men's Physique Championships, putting him among the best physiques in the entire world.

Besides his extensive travelling, Ryan devotes his time to a highly focussed training and nutrition regime in order to maintain his outstanding physique, ready for competitions and photoshoots. In his exclusive series for MyVideoPT, entitled 'Cover Model Conditioning', Ryan reveals for the first time the secrets of how he prepares for a major photoshoot.

Ryan's plan

Cover Model Conditioning

with Ryan Terry

IFBB Men's Physique European Champion Ryan reveals training and diet secrets behind getting into cover model shape.

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