Perfect Your Body with Kirk Miller

Creating the perfect physique is about addressing the weaker body parts and bringing them into balance with the rest of your body. In this series, top cover model and personal trainer Kirk Miller takes three gym-goers through a training plan aimed at building up a particular body part. While each session is focussed and precise, the techniques and tips which Kirk demonstrates can be used for a range of different body parts, or can simply be used to vary your existing training programme.

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What's included

Over six episodes, Kirk takes gym-goers Suki, Zac and Lee through an intensive training programme aimed specifically at building up a particular body part which has been identified as a weak point. Each of the guys is in training for a national physique competition, where they will be judged on the overall proportion of their bodies. Suki has always had trouble training legs, so Kirk creates a tough and intensive lower body plan. For Zac, the weakness is upper chest, so in this case it's a precision plan to shift the focus of his training to bring up that particular part of his chest. And Lee needs to bring up some of the thickness and detail in his back. Back is often treated as one body part, when in fact, it's a complex series of inter-connected muscles that need to be trained separately.

Kirk also introduces the guys to different ways of maximising the effect of their training, ranging from simple tips like using tempo, to more complex techniques like volume training. Viewers will effectively have a private view into a series of elite level one-to-one personal training sessions.

In addition to the six full training episodes, there is also a 'bonus feature', showing the results, as all three men step on stage looking their best at the competition.

The following videos are included with this plan:


Week 1

Let's get started

Kirk hits legs with Suki in the first of a two-day split for legs.

Duration: 16:39

Leg Training Split

Week 2

Leg Training Split

Part two of Suki's leg session, focussing on form, rep range and tempo.

Duration: 17:26

Ready to train back?

Week 3

Ready to train back?

Kirk trains back with Lee, looking to thicken his back muscles

Duration: 14:58

Back for more

Week 4

Back for more

More from Kirk's session with Lee, bringing out the detail of his back

Duration: 12:49


Week 5

Zac's training

Kirk gives Zac a intensive session on upper chest.

Duration: 13:47

Compound and isolation

Week 6

Compound and isolation

Zac's chest training continues by varying techniques.

Duration: 13:18

Bonus Featre

Week 6

Bonus Featre

See what happened on stage when the three guys featured competed.

Duration: 3:30

You can download the first episode immediately after you start the series. All other videos are released once a week from your start date. Each video is provided in high defintion, standard definition and a smaller mobile-friendly format so that you can watch while you're out or at the gym.

You will receive an email every time your next video is available. Then, you simply log in to the site and download the video in your prefered format. Videos are yours to download and keep.


This plan is designed for all gym goers. Whatever your level of experience at the gym or with your diet, this plan will be able to help you achieve your goals.

$29.99 for the 6 part series.